PostHeaderIcon Modern Bingo and how many people play it

Today Bingo is played in many versions including online versions. Except the traditional options, many online games offered by licensed dealers are based on Bingo. Tickets are on sale as well as for Lotto, and players receive a check with numbers which is similar to a bingo card. Numbers are usually announced on TV daily or weekly. In these games the prizes are bigger but they are harder to play. Another form of Bingo are the scratch off lotteries which are especially popular in Britain and Canada. The winning amount in network lotteries usually is confirmed electronically in order to avoid forgeries.

It is believed that to one person playing at the casino, there are ten people playing bingo. The online version is much more popular since it is very easy to play even for people with disabilities. Besides, growing jackpots in online bingo are much more than in the traditional bingo played at bingo halls. In UK as well as in USA bingo is played mainly in churches and charity organizations. However, the stakes of the churches are much more modest than in other places and the people are quite different.


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