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The game of Bingo was first called “beano” since players then used to mark their cards instead of chips or tokens, with dried red beans. They put beans on their cards which later turn into bingo tickets. It is pretty weird, but in the beginning, Bingo was called Keno. This name was very popular at the end of 19th century. Both names were used by the owners of illegal lottery Keno who used the confusion to deceive the authorities making them think that Keno is not a lottery. That has happened since then the game of Bingo has been legal and the lotteries not. In the end, the game in which people call numbers and use cards and chips became known as Bingo and the game in which people mark numbered blocks or spots on their tickets became known as Keno. However, Bingo was introduced long before the game in “Beano” became popular in the Midwest of America.


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