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The latest trends in online bingo seem to indicate an effort on the part of the providers to target the UK audience. To put it simply, several hundred bingo websites, including bingo news and community sites, dedicated to players in the United Kingdom are constantly trying to provide enthusiasts with a British atmosphere and feel. In the vast majority of cases these bingo websites have UK-based owners and locations, are fully accredited by the UK authorities and are designed to the preferences of the typical British player. However, in order to get the best possible experience, bingo enthusiasts should be familiar with the criteria that dissociate an average bingo website from a top-notch UK one.

Ethnic diversity versus fully British clientele

For one thing, given the fact that the UK bingo websites advertise their particularities mostly for citizens of the United Kingdom, the logical consequence is that a high percentage of the clientele will be British. It depends on your personal preference if you want to compete only against compatriots or you are aiming for ethnic diversity. However, an online UK bingo parlor with a high ethnic diversity is fairly rare, so the advertisement may not be entirely truthful.

The currency of the UK bingo parlor

Check out the currency the websites use for selling bingo cards or awarding the cash prizes to the winners. Non UK-based websites generally use dollars, whereas the UK-based sites will never use anything but pounds and pence. Therefore, players who are aiming to play online bingo exclusively in UK sites can easily steer clear of the ones that do not suit their needs. On a side note, make sure that the website accepts payments via accounts from the major credit card issuers or online payment sites, e.g. PayPal.

The moderators and the overall look of the site

Online bingo rooms require the aid of a moderator in order to ensure the game is running smoothly. Because the websites in discussion are typically based in the United Kingdom, it is only natural that the personnel will be, in the vast majority, British. A British moderator can substantially boost the feel and evoke a classical, elegant English atmosphere. In addition, the UK websites commonly integrate traditional symbols or famous buildings of the country, such as Big Ben or London Bridge in the overall theme, giving it a look of credibility.

The 90 ball bingo

In essence, 90 ball bingo is a traditional English variation of the game and websites based in other countries rarely provide it. The key difference between the classic form of the game is the 3 by 9 ticket that replaces the 5 by 5 card and the ability to win based on single or double lines and the full house.

In retrospect

The desire to play bingo exclusively in a British online climate is not a sign of bigotry. To put it simply, some people enjoy the theme, atmosphere and feeling evoked by the UK online rooms, as they respect the idea that UK residents are mannered, elegant individuals.


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