PostHeaderIcon 6 Most Interesting Bingo Facts

Undoubtedly, bingo has remained one of the best games til date and even now continues to entertain its fans on the web and phone. It has paved its part from land to online, increasing its fan base and creating interesting stories, in the process. This being said, there are many bingo facts that have captured our eyes! Here are 6 of them, have a look and enjoy!

1. The highest bingo win made until today is £5.9 Million won by grandfather John Orchard.

2. Bingo is one of the top fundraiser for charities in the world.

3. Online bingo games for fun are considered as the most popular games to pass time and entertain oneself.

4. More money is spent on bingo tickets in the UK in one year than is spent on football events.

5. Many bingo fans love animals and majority of them love cats more than any other pet.

6. According to online records, it states that 96% of regular bingo users have won a jackpot prize, at least once in their lifetime.


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