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Bingo halls and bingo rooms are practically, just the same. The difference is that before bingo halls were associated with churches and church halls while bingo rooms were considered places where adults entertain themselves. The difference was particularly noticeable in 60s and 70s of 20th century when bingo rooms were mostly visited mostly by smoking people or people of undue behavior, desperate people. On the other hand, bingo halls were associated with the local church. In some states, for example, in Arkansas, there were rules in bingo rooms similar to the rules of modern strip clubs and children under the age of 18 were not allowed while in bingo halls there were nice old ladies who played in order to raise money for charity.

Today however, there is virtually no difference between bingo halls and bingo rooms. Both terms simply refer to places where you can play bingo. Since it is impossible to know whether a bingo hall is secure and safe by its appearance, when you decide to play, the best thing to do is to ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues etc. about the places they prefer to play.

Of course, some bingo halls will be much worse than others. When choosing a bingo hall, you should avoid places located in more or less dangerous areas. Go where the money is. When choosing a place to play bingo, it is worth considering the popularity of a particular hall or room. In most cases the game is based on the principle of “pari – mutuel” which means that the jackpot calculation is based on the number of bingo tickets sold or the size of the entrance fees. It is obvious that the more players come into the bingo hall or room, the more games will be played. Another advantage of popular bingo halls is that with more players, jackpots become more and more attractive.

If you are an experienced bingo player, you may want to try something different for a change. And of course, there are places where playing bingo is much more interesting than others. For example, some bingo halls do not offer interesting patterns. If you get tired of 4 corners, diagonals or lines, you may prefer to go to more commercial casinos. Places where bingo is played every day and not once a week, offer more variations of the game.


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