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When you play online bingo, you’re taking part in a game that millions of people around the world enjoy. Many people choose bingo above other money games as it’s a game where fate takes a hand – or in the case of the online version, where random number generator software controls the game. You can’t really do anything to increase your chances of winning – the number calls made by the software are completely random, and so whether your card has the winning numbers is also random.

However, there are ways to ensure that you get the most value for money every time you play bingo online – here’s how.

Secure a generous bingo bonus

There are so many sites to choose from and that means there’s a lot of competition within the bingo industry to win over new players. One of the main tools for doing this is by offering a great bonus to players signing up to the site. Whatever site you’re interested in will have some kind of welcome incentive attached – check out a few different bingo sites and see which offers the best deal. If you sign up today for a bingo bonus, you can easily double the amount you have to play with. Most sites will offer at least 100% bonus to match what a player first puts into their account and many will offer as much as 500% in bonus credit. Obviously, the more you get in free credit, the further your initial deposit will stretch.

Play at quiet times

There are lots of bingo games on every bingo site schedule and the biggest jackpots are often played for at peak times – such as during the evening. While it’s tempting to play for the big prizes, if you think about it logically, that’s what everyone else will be doing. You may have more luck playing on the games that have smaller prizes, but fewer participants. Playing early in the morning or in the afternoon, you may find that fewer people are online, and therefore you increase your chances of having a prize all to yourself. Of course, though, there’s nothing you can do to ensure that you pick a winning set of numbers; that’s still down to chance.

Look out for the freebies

Many sites will offer plenty of free games on their regular schedules. This is one way of rewarding player loyalty to the site, as many of the free games are only open to depositing players. As you can pre-book tickets for any game, you may as well join in the free games that you spot, even if you don’t have time to sit and watch the games go through. If you’re lucky enough to have a win, it will be credited to your account automatically.

You can also join in the chat games in the bingo chat rooms. Although they usually have only small prizes attached to them, if you win them, you’ll still be adding to your bingo profits.

The most important thing to remember when playing bingo is that it’s not all about winning the big prizes – because if that’s your only focus, you may become disillusioned. Big wins don’t happen to people that often. Just think of bingo as a fun and sociable game to play, with the added potential of bringing you a win now and then, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more than if you’re chasing jackpots.


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