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The popular misconception regarding the game of Bingo states that in order to win, all you need is sheer luck. However, the truth is that Bingo is a game of chance, which means that the outcome is subjected to the laws of probability.

Among the first people to devise strategies that will be able to tilt the odds in a Bingo player’s favor, Joseph E. Granville is probably the most famous. A mathematical analyst who is also responsible for numerous effective strategies in predicting the changes of the capricious stock exchange market, Granville has shown us that patterns do in fact exist in the seemingly random game of Bingo and following them is instrumental in winning. Let’s elaborate a little more.

Standard games comprise of several draws from the 75 ball pool up to the point when one of the players has successfully completed his card. For the first ball to be withdrawn from the urn at random, the chances are 1 in 75. Basically, the first ball can have any number from 1 to 75, a concept which is referred to as uniform distribution. The uniform distribution is in fact the reason why Granville considers the patterns can be predicted and here is why.

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PostHeaderIcon Socialization with Online Bingo

woman-playing-onlineHave you ever tried a game of online bingo? There are many reasons why you should think about it especially if you are in a country like UK, which is among the few countries in the world that has legalised the game. All online bingo sites in UK are regulated and have legitimate licenses to provide fair play online gaming services.

Online bingo is among the easiest of gambling games as there are just a few rules involved in the game. All you need to do is to select your bingo cards and the game takes its own course depending on how lucky you are with the numbers being called out.

Even if it is other non bingo games that you are interested in, online bingo sites have a wide selection of casino games and other instant games. All of these games are themed differently and have various prizes that can be won as well.

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PostHeaderIcon British Online Bingo

online-bingo-ukThere has been a massive increase in the popularity of online bingo websites as of late, particularly those that are aimed towards British residents. Many of these sites may not be specifically owned by entities in the United Kingdom BUT they do provide targeted games and events specifically for them!

What’s the Difference Between UK Websites and Others?

While many of these websites do not have consistent similarities altogether, there are a number of different characteristics you will find that can help deduce this problem for you. You will find any or all of these factors when dealing with UK targeted Bingo websites.

1. As the Bingo site is targeted towards players in the UK, you will find a number of other Brits in chat rooms and taking part in the games. The easiest way to tell is to see if the website bills you as a UK resident.

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PostHeaderIcon Some Tips to Find the Best Online Bingo Room

bingo-siteBingo is a game of chance that is usually played for its entertainment quotient rather than for its prize. However, serious bingo players that like to win big at bingo games choose venues that have more players with a large jackpot amount. Before the advent of the internet, the game of bingo was only played at real venues, but now you can play it online, on your laptop and even on your mobile device or tablet. There are several bingo sites that give you a chance to enjoy the game and offer the opportunity to win a big amount at the same time.

Nevertheless, due to the mushrooming of several online bingo sites, it has certainly become a little bit difficult to find the best bingo site. Here are a few tips that would help you choose the best online bingo room:

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PostHeaderIcon Some Bingo Winning Strategies for the Beginners

bingo-strategyBingo is strictly a game of chance. There aren’t any fool-proof strategies that assure winning at bingo. However, there are some ways that can increase the chances of your winning while you play bingo. Since you cannot control the numbers that are being drawn, what you can do is adopt strategies that can improve your odds of winning. Some of these ways are mentioned here.

Be prepared: as for any game of bingo, you should be prepared and get to the play arena early. Taking the seat that you want; the books that you consider lucky and the table that gives you a good hearing are some of things that you can do if you reach the venue early. Going in a rush and may be missing out the initial numbers only adds to the confusion. Therefore, as a winning strategy for bingo, always be prepared and get ready early.

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PostHeaderIcon Everything You Wanted to Know about Bingo

win-at-bingoBingo can be called as one of the simplest number based games. It is a game that is purely a game of chance as there is no definite way of predicting the numbers that might be drawn and called out. However, the game is very popular among youngsters and seniors alike for the entertainment that it provides and the opportunity to enjoy some precious time with friends and family. You can go on playing a game of bingo tirelessly at the nearest bingo hall and who knows even win some great prizes.

The History of Bingo

The game of bingo dates back to the 1500’s and seems to have originated in Italy. Earlier it was more of a lottery type game, but later its concept changed a bit. As the game became popular in other countries, it kept changing as per the region where it was played. It was perhaps in the 18th century when it got its present status. It is now played as a game where you strike out numbers and letters and call out “Bingo” when a particular combination is complete.

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