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The popular misconception regarding the game of Bingo states that in order to win, all you need is sheer luck. However, the truth is that Bingo is a game of chance, which means that the outcome is subjected to the laws of probability.

Among the first people to devise strategies that will be able to tilt the odds in a Bingo player’s favor, Joseph E. Granville is probably the most famous. A mathematical analyst who is also responsible for numerous effective strategies in predicting the changes of the capricious stock exchange market, Granville has shown us that patterns do in fact exist in the seemingly random game of Bingo and following them is instrumental in winning. Let’s elaborate a little more.

Standard games comprise of several draws from the 75 ball pool up to the point when one of the players has successfully completed his card. For the first ball to be withdrawn from the urn at random, the chances are 1 in 75. Basically, the first ball can have any number from 1 to 75, a concept which is referred to as uniform distribution. The uniform distribution is in fact the reason why Granville considers the patterns can be predicted and here is why.

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PostHeaderIcon A Mobile Gambling Perspective

iPhone-bingoIf you have ever played blackjack, roulette, bingo or poker or placed a bet on a sport event through your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device with a wireless internet connection you have already enjoyed the convenience of mobile gambling. Never before people had the opportunity to reach their favourite form of entertainment so easily, and while this fact is a bad thing for a minority of unfortunate gamblers who have to deal with a compulsive disorder, it is absolutely welcomed by professional gamblers as well as by the vast majority of recreational gamblers who love to spend some of their spare time with the fun, excitement and thrill that gambling games can offer. Wherever you are, there may be a mobile game to help you pass some otherwise boring moments, like the waiting at the bus station or at the airport, or that even more annoying visit at the doctor’s office.

As mobile casinos increase in number also the incentives they offer, whether they are cash bonuses or other kind of promotions, increase as well. The good thing is that you can take advantage of them all, but always make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate licensed operator and that gambling is legal where you are. You can visit today for a taste of mobile experience in a safe and secure environment.

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PostHeaderIcon All the information you need to know about the best bingo deals

bingo-moneyWith the rise of online bingo there were many advancements to the game. From it being simply a game of numbers, it took on various new avatars. People were beginning to view the game in a whole new way. Sites were being super innovative in terms of what they are offering to their players and more efforts were made to stand out with their own unique features. All this effort was made to achieve more number of players and retain the existing players through increasing the player engagement.

Each and every site has their own set of bonuses and other offers that can benefit players. These offers can give players huge benefits while playing on the site and can help them save on a lot of money as well. These sets of offers are referred to as site promotions and sites these days have a page specially allocated to their promotions. Players can view all information including all the terms and conditions related to a particular offer on this page.

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PostHeaderIcon How to Choose the Right Online Bingo Site?

online bingoWith the popularity of online bingo raising every day, many bingo websites are competing with each other to stay on top. These sites offer many additional features like chatting, forums and mini games to attract a huge number of players.

In order to stay abreast of the competitors, many sites also claim to offer hefty prizes, but, sadly, sometimes they turn out to be a fraud. Especially beginners may fall prey to such sites, as they have very little knowledge and information on their authenticity. Moreover, the number of bingo sites on Internet makes it very difficult for the beginners to choose the one that is reliable and authentic.

One of the best and simplest ways to select a reputed and authentic online bingo room is to check the site carefully. Let’s look at for instance. You can easily verify its trustworthiness directly on their homepage. At once we learn that Landmark Bingo is operated by Cozygames Management Limited, licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission for customers in Great Britain, all information promptly verifiable through a given link. That’s for sure a guarantee of the site reliability because of the strong requirements asked by the Gambling Commission to grant a licence.

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PostHeaderIcon Top Tips For Playing Online Bingo

When you play online bingo, you’re taking part in a game that millions of people around the world enjoy. Many people choose bingo above other money games as it’s a game where fate takes a hand – or in the case of the online version, where random number generator software controls the game. You can’t really do anything to increase your chances of winning – the number calls made by the software are completely random, and so whether your card has the winning numbers is also random.

However, there are ways to ensure that you get the most value for money every time you play bingo online – here’s how.

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PostHeaderIcon Playing Bingo Empowers a Strong Memory Power

bingo mindOnline bingo gaming has made its way into the heart of millions. This game has proven its excellence time and again. Whether played with beans, at the bingo halls or from your laptop – irrespective of any form bingo games have the power to lure the players to a great extent. And, that is one reason that helped this game to sustain its credibility over the ages.

The game has managed to implant a place in the psyche of the players and established itself as a strong entertainer across the world. If we notice, whether played in the Italian version (the ‘tombola‘) or through the clicks that we make across various web sites – the substance of the game remains, anyway, the same. The fact is that these games are ingrained with various qualities that help in appealing the masses. And, to list out the qualities, they are quite a lot in number.

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PostHeaderIcon No Deposit Bingo – The best way to get a taste of the bingo games

coins-rainWith the advent of the internet life has become easier. It seems that the world is a closed space and distance is nothing at all. There is no such sphere that is untouched by the internet and so is the bingo industry. Bingo even a few years back would mean getting dressed and going to bingo halls. It meant bingo specially on week ends. People could not only go to the bingo halls in and around their locality. Also meeting new people was generally limited to people of the near by places. Playing bingo in bingo halls also did not give the players the opportunity to receive bonuses, play free bingo games and to play no deposit bingo. If one needed to play one needed to spend.

All these changed with bingo going online. Players could now indulge in bingo right from their bedrooms. They could play on their favourite sites and meet people across the world. Bingo thus united them in a large way. It became a huge community across sites and regions.

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