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PostHeaderIcon Everything You Wanted to Know about Bingo

win-at-bingoBingo can be called as one of the simplest number based games. It is a game that is purely a game of chance as there is no definite way of predicting the numbers that might be drawn and called out. However, the game is very popular among youngsters and seniors alike for the entertainment that it provides and the opportunity to enjoy some precious time with friends and family. You can go on playing a game of bingo tirelessly at the nearest bingo hall and who knows even win some great prizes.

The History of Bingo

The game of bingo dates back to the 1500’s and seems to have originated in Italy. Earlier it was more of a lottery type game, but later its concept changed a bit. As the game became popular in other countries, it kept changing as per the region where it was played. It was perhaps in the 18th century when it got its present status. It is now played as a game where you strike out numbers and letters and call out “Bingo” when a particular combination is complete.

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